The Oddballers - PerVersion 4.0

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The Oddballers - PerVersion 4.0

Originally released in 2002 featuring the original Oddballers line up of Liquid Assassin, Jimmy Donn, Skoot & AV. This album showed the dedication that Jimmy Donn & Liquid Assassin had for music. With each song they change up the style and this was recorded back in the days of reel to reel and mo computer recording. Just hundreds of thousands of dollars in rack gear and information.

This is also Liquid Assassin's first album.

Track Listing:
1. Loading
2. Complex (Jimmy Donn)
3. Trust (AV)
4. Pack Your Bags (Liquid Assassin & AV)
5. Product of the Paul (Skoot)
6. Oddballers (Liquid Assassin)
7. Rock, Live, Write (Jimmy Donn)
8. Mr. Nice Guy (Commercial)
9. Never (Jimmy Donn, Skoot & Liquid Assassin)
10. I'm Going Crazy (Skoot)
11. All My Life (Jimmy Donn & AV)
12. Ride All Night (Liquid Assassin)
13. Spit Fire (Skoot)
14. Don't Be Foolish (Jimmy Donn)
15. The End
16. Gimmie Mine (RDM)
17. Raw Business (RDM)
18. Star Struck (Stereotype Click)
19. Stop Now (Stereotype Click)
20. Reloading

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