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The Musick was a short film made by Jimmy Donn back in 2010. It was also the beginning of Sicfux Entertainment. This DVD is extremely rare and we only have five (5) copies available plus they come autographed by Jimmy Donn. (FREE SHIPPING IN THE UNITED STATES)

What makes this movie so special is that in real life one of the producers and actors (homeless man) in the movie (Kevin Condren) would end up hiring an under cover police officer (thinking he was a legit hitman) to murder Jimmy Donn. The criminal complaint says that he even suggested to the agent that he "buys a high powered rifle" and because of Jimmy Donn's size "put it in his ear and pull the trigger so he doesn't have a chance to fight back". Kevin Condren is currently being held in Anoka County Jail with bail set at $750,000. The trial will take place late 2017.

1. The Musick

2. Fall From Grace
(King Gordy, Jimmy Donn, Werdplay & Bizarre).

3. When I Die
(Liquid Assassin).

4. Transactions
(Kung Fu Vampire & Dem Hoodstarz).

5. Knee Deep in Blood

6. Gangsta
(Buc of Psycho Drama, Tony Bones & Twista).

7. Sick Shit

8. Trenchcoat

9. Dead & Dying
(Dark Half).

10. Climb The Ladder
(Potluck & PLC).

11. Crazy White Boys
(Tony Bones & Haystak).

12. Dead Girls Don't Say No
(Kung Fu Vampire).

13. Bleed
(Dopesic & Liquid Assassin).

14. Firecrakaz (Delusional & DWB)

15. We Run The Streets
(Young Bleed, Tony Bones & Maeham).

16. Live Threw This
(Dark Half, Liquid Assassin & Scum).

17. My Heart
(iJunk & A-Tech)

18. Hunting Season

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