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The Mereness EP

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Mereness - The Mereness EP

Get your hands on the freshest, newest music to come out of the camp filled with #Graydux and scoop yourself up a copy of Mereness' debut EP "The Mereness EP".

This six song sonic journey is a very unique one. You've never heard this crew sound like this. As the label evolves so do the artists. Turn back the clocks of time to PLC (Playaz Lounge Crew) then fast forward into the distant future. Then warp back to the Halloween 2018 and you will find yourself with a very significant piece of American music history. A piece of art so rare and precious that those who have this item in the future, treat it as if it were made out of pure gold. They laugh at how little they paid for it when they re-tell the story of the moment they put this EP on.

Don't be one of those future people who regret not owning a copy. Order yours today! They are in stock and ready to go. But will ship to arrive at your doorstep on or before Halloween 2018. (We have to say the year, there's a thing in the future where its illegal not to tell people when things actually happened in the master illusion known as the fabric of time.

This CD ships with FREE stickers and other odds and ends.