Sicfux 2020 CD

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This CD was originally released at The Gathering in 2012. We kept some of the same songs that appeared on that original CD and added some newer Sicfux songs to show the growth in 8 years.

This was a Fam/Fan favorite.

1. Forever (KiNGPiN, Joey Oz, Killa Capone & Hard Target)
2. I Know Not (Jimmy Donn & Atmosphere)
3. Born (Jimmy Donn & Tripp)
4. Been Up (Tripp)
5. Down (Joey Oz & Jimmy Donn)
6. Goodbye (Kid Suda, Pambi & Jimmy Donn)
7. No Apologies (Billie Eilish, GrewSum & Jimmy Donn)
8. Monster (Just Jeremy)
9. Losing My Mind (Kid Suda)
10. Loyalty (Dopesic & Just Jeremy)
11. Let it Rain (Joey Oz & Jimmy Donn)
12. Be Together, Bleed Forever (The Nameless & Jelly Roll)
13. The Place That I Call Home (Jimmy Donn & Joey Oz)
14. Into The Black (Jimmy Donn & Killa Capone)
15. Way Down (Jimmy Donn)
16. Leave a Light On (Kid Suda & Jimmy Donn)
17. Kush, Xanax & Lean (How to Gag a Maggot & Will Robinson)
18. Urban Warfare (Joey Oz & Jimmy Donn)

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