• Image of Kid Suda Mason Jar Package

There are only 10 (ten) of these custom sandblasted Kid Suda mason jars available to the public. There will never be another in this design again. And here’s the bonus: You also get a Flash Drive with all of Kid Suda's recordings on it!

Recordings include:
1. Red Dots
2. I Don't Love These Hoes
3. Poor Lonely Me
4. Shine (remix) feat. Jelly Roll
5. Shake That Bottle
6. Shine (original)
7. Death of Me
8. Losing My Mind
9. Stay High
10. Tip
11. Don't Sleep feat. Jimmy Donn
12. Shake That Bottle (acoustic)
13. Something to Remind Me (acoustic cover)
14. Nothing Compare to You (acoustic cover)
15. Death of Me (acoustic)
16. Like a Wrecking Ball (acoustic cover)
17. Tip (acoustic)
18. Jupiter (acoustic cover)

Shipped within 48 hours