• Image of Jimmy Donn - Winter Volume 1 & 2
  • Image of Jimmy Donn - Winter Volume 1 & 2

Jimmy Donn's Winter Volumes 1 & 2 out of 6.

This Series of 6 E.P.'s are the last solo albums from Jimmy Donn. Featuring all NEW music with guest appearances from artists such as Slug from Atmosphere, Madchild, Doobie, Kid Suda, Dopesic, JaySin The Sin God, Chris Lawrence, Ren Thomas, Liquid Assassin, Breana Marin, Sleep Lyrical, Edd Stark, Grewsum, Dezlooca, Wolfgang Chris, Tripp, Bliss, Nobe, Killa Capone, Capacity, Rob Grounds, PONËBOY, Kingpin, Chinky Eye, Mereness and more!

All proceeds from this album series are being donated to help END the stigma of mental illness as well as to benefit battered women and children's shelters.

Winter Volume 1 & 2 Double Disc Comes with The Anxiety Music 2018 CD Sampler and a Digital Download of all three CD's. Shipped to your door with by March 16th, 2018 w/extra SICKNESS inside the package.