• Image of Jimmy Donn - Winter Box Set
  • Image of Jimmy Donn - Winter Box Set
  • Image of Jimmy Donn - Winter Box Set
  • Image of Jimmy Donn - Winter Box Set
  • Image of Jimmy Donn - Winter Box Set

About the Winter Box Set.

Jimmy Donn has been an advocate for ending the stigma of mental health. After years of working with people with all types of mental illnesses and dealing with anxiety, depression and season depression not only himself but within his family. He decided that he wanted to do as much as he could to help. Jimmy is a firm believer that a person who wants to end their life doesn't want to call a suicide hotline and talk to a stranger about this very personal and scary feeling. By ending the stigma and making it easier to talk about it openly. Maybe people can turn to those closest to them before taking that irreversible step.

What you'll find inside this box set:

• Winter the Book by Jimmy Donn.
This book contains stories behind every song on the Winter series, never before seen photos, poetry, hand written lyrics, artwork, photography and much more by Jimmy Donn. This is the first time an artist goes into this much detail on creating an album and the madness behind the creator.

• Jimmy Donn's Winter Full Length Albums I - IV.
This Series of four full length albums are the last solo albums from Jimmy Donn. Featuring all NEW music with guest appearances from artists such as Slug of Atmosphere, Madchild, Doobie, Kid Suda, Dopesic, Killa Capone ,Chris Lawrence, Ren Thomas, Liquid Assassin, Breana Marin, Sleep Lyrical, Edd Stark, Grewsum, Dezlooca, Wolfgang Chris, Tripp, Bliss, Nobe, Rob Grounds, Kali Breeze, Kingpin, Yung Gami, Mereness, Lazy J and more!

• The Dopesic Diaries - The Complete Collection 2010 - 2018.
This is every song recorded by Dopesic in one beautifully dark collection. Including never before seen photos inside the booklet and other hidden secrets.

• Anxiety Music 2018 CD Sampler (1 CD).

• Digital Download of all albums.

All proceeds from this album series are being donated to help END the stigma of mental illness as well as to benefit battered women and children's shelters.

Delivered by August 31st, 2018.