• Image of Dopesic - Nothing Matters CD

Track Listing:
1. If I were the Devil
2. Body in the Trunk 2 (feat. King Sandman & GrewSum)
3. SF4L
4. Loyalty (feat. Lazy J)
5. Burn it Down
6. Old School (feat. Lazy J & A.C.E.)
7. Put it in the Air (feat. Riff Raff & Jelly Roll)
8. They Don't Know (feat. Dizzy Wright)
9. Not the Time
10. Off That (feat. GrewSum, Infamous, Lazy J, Conway Pity & Playboy the Beast)
11. Damn Beautiful
12. Winter in Paris (feat. Joey Oz)
13. Heath Ledger (feat. Infamous)
14. Reign Over Me
15. Worst Day (feat. Andy Milonakis)
16. S.O.G.

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